Scrapbooking Stickers

Scrapbooking Borders

Part 2

By Jennifer Gormly


Borders stickers are a great way to dress up your page, but you can also use other stickers to create your own personalised border. This is precisely what I did in this layout.


This layout uses Yellow Brush paper, Red Brush paper as the background, White cardstock and Suzy's Zoo Kirby With Hearts & Happy Valentines Day stickers.


To create the border, tear a strip of yellow brush paper and place it down the right side of the page. Make sure when you are tearing it that you tear towards you so your border ends up with a white edge. Adhere your Kirby With Hearts sticker to the bottom of the border. Use the heart stickers from both sticker sheets to create a falling hearts effect from the top of the page down to Kirby. You now have a sweet border and can being work on the rest of your page.


Choose your focal photo and crop. Mat it on white cardstock and then on yellow brush paper, leaving a little extra space along the bottom edge to create a torn edge. Next, mat your second photo on yellow brush paper. Again leave extra room along the bottom and tear along this edge.


To create the journaling envelope, cut a piece of white cardstock about double the height that you need to fit your journaling. Add your journaling and mat on yellow brush paper.


You do not need a template to create the envelope containing your journaling. Measure the width of your journaling square and the height you would like your envelope be. The journaling should finish slightly lower than the start of your envelope. Add 1 to each measurement. Cut a rectangle of yellow brush paper to these dimensions. (For example, if your square was 6cm hide and your wanted the envelope to be 8cm tall, cut a rectangle 7cm by 9cm).


Place your rectangle on the table with the patterned side down (so you can see the back of the paper). The horizontal edges should be the longest. Glue your journal square in the middle of the rectangle, 1cm up from the bottom.


You now need to make three flaps (the left, the right and the bottom). Draw a line from the bottom corners of your journal box down to the bottom edge of the patterned paper. You can angle this slightly if you prefer. Next, draw a line from the same bottom corners of your journal box to the side edges of your patterned paper (this line should remain parallel to your bottom edge). You have now drawn two rectangles. Cut them out. This removes some excess paper and creates the bottom flap.


Your side flaps are almost done too. Mark a point on both side edges of your patterned paper about 1.5-2cm from the top. Cut a line from these points to the corresponding place where the journal box meets the top of the patterned paper. You have now removed two triangles of paper and created your two side flaps. Fold them over your journal box and glue them down. Finally, fold your bottom flap up and glue into place.

Arrange your photos and journaling envelope on your page and decorate with your remaining stickers.


If you would like to have any of your designs included in our resource centre, please email them to us at [email protected] (please make sure all files are .jpg or .gif).