Scrapbooking Stickers

Quick Scrapbooking Ideas

Part 11

By Jennifer Gormly


One of the most common questions in the scrapbooking world is "How Do You Find Time To Scrap?" For most of us, this is a difficult question to answer as we are all so busy with everything going on in our lives. Therefore, it is increasingly important to find quick ways to scrap, so that spare 15 minutes we find every now and then can be put to good use. The following layout can be completed in a very short amount of time. All you need is the right paper and a few simple embellishments.


This layout was created with Carolee's Dusky Blue Pattern paper for the background, two shades of light brown and Beary Patch Down By The Sea Cut-Outs.


There is no real trick to creating this layout. It's success comes from its simplicity and the successful colour co-ordination of all the products used. All you need to do to recreate it is mat your photo with your lightest shade of cardstock and then again with the darker shade. Centre on your page. Cut out the pictures you wish to use from your Beary Patch cut-outs and arrange them on your page. If you wish, you can also add a sub-title or journaling under your photo.


And that's it! You now have a complete layout in less than 15 minutes! 



If you would like to have any of your designs included in our resource centre, please email them to us at [email protected] (please make sure all files are .jpg or .gif).