Scrapbooking Stickers

Quick Scrapbooking Ideas

Part 1

By Jennifer Gormly


We all have so many photos to scrap that sometimes we simply need to take shortcuts. When this happens, we are looking for layouts that are quick and yet effective. Instead of spending hours making your own embellishments, consider the short-cuts stickers can offer you without compromising the originality and creativity of your layouts. The layout shown below was finished in less than half an hour and shows just how easy it is to dress up your layouts with stickers.

Quick Scrapbooking Ideas Part 1

This page was created to reflect how much my husband means to me. I did not want it to be a serious, deep and meaningful page but instead focused on the happiness he brings to my life and the fun we have when we are together. I wanted the page to be bright and happy, but also soft and welcoming. For this reason, I chose to use bright blues and yellows softened with torn edges.


This layout was created using blue patterned paper, yellow plaid paper, yellow cardstock, white cardstock and Suzy's Zoo Graham Sunshine stickers.


Begin by matting your photo on white cardstock. Keep the border fairly thin. You want the focus to remain on your photo, and to a lesser extent, the yellow plaid mat. To create your yellow plaid matt, adhere your photo to your yellow plaid paper. Make sure there is excess paper all the way around your photo. Then, very carefully tear the edges. Tear towards you so your mat gets those nice white edges.


The next step is to prepare your background. In this case, it is quite simple. Tear two pieces of yellow cardstock for the top right and bottom left corners. Again tear towards you to create a nice edge for your cardstock. When you are happy with your pieces, glue them into place.


Next, glue your photo in place. If you like you can also add a short title below your photo. To create this, simply tear a rectangle of yellow cardstock and write your title in yellow pen. Using this method, I also added a second title to the top left hand corner of my photo.


When you are happy with your arrangement, decorate your page with Suzy's Zoo Graham Sunshine stickers.


This just one example of what can be done with Suzy's Zoo stickers. The Suzy's Zoo range is extremely versatile and can be used for almost any topic. Please visit our other topic areas as we explore the endless possibilities.



If you would like to have any of your designs included in our resource centre, please email them to us at [email protected] (please make sure all files are .jpg or .gif).