Scrapbooking Stickers

Vellum Scrapbooking Ideas

Part 2

By Jennifer Gormly


I fell in love with the Provo Craft Patchwork Christmas stickers as soon as I saw them and I knew I had to use them in a layout. This design of this layout was very much governed by my choice to include them. They have a very country homely feel to them so I chose to used them with photos of my husband and I with my grandparents.


This layout was created using Red Gingham paper for the background, Green Gingham paper, Green Holly paper, White vellum, Off-White cardstock and Provo Craft Patchwork Christmas stickers.


Begin by matting your smallest photo on off-white cardstock and then green gingham paper. Place it in the top right corner of your page and decorate with the 'Merry Christmas' sticker and a small holly sticker.


To create the Santa or Bear frames, start by matting your photo on off-white cardstock. Make sure the border around the photo is quite thin (maybe 2mm). It serves to make your photo stand out from the patterned paper going underneath, but is not meant to be dominating. Next, cut a piece of vellum slightly larger than your matted photo (so that it creates a frame around 4-5mm around your photo. You are now going to make a window in the vellum. To do this, lightly pencil in where you would like your window to be. Create a tear or cut inside this window with a craft knife. Now, carefully tear out the window. If possible, try to tear on the outside of your lines so you do not have to erase them later. Do NOT attach the vellum yet. Instead, attach your photo to your background patterned paper. Make sure the border is at least 10mm. I would advise making it larger and then trimming it back when your are satisfied with your work.


Next, place the vellum back on top of your photo. Attach it to your mat with the stickers. You will not be able to attach the vellum in the corners, but the stickers will hold it firmly in place and you don't have to worry about glue showing through. When you are happy with them, glue them to your background page. Both the Santa and Bear frames were created this way. However, the Santa frame also has a strip of holly paper across the frame (like Santa's belt) with a star sticker.


Cut a rectangle of off-white cardstock for your title and mat on green gingham paper. Place a strip of holly paper down one side and a snowman sticker on the other. Glue in the bottom left corner of your page.


Finally, decorate the rest of the page with your remaining stickers.


Vellum frames are a great way to soften your page and focus attention on certain parts of your photos. If you don't have stickers to help hold your frames in place, try using eyelets or brads in each corner to create a similar effect.



If you would like to have any of your designs included in our resource centre, please email them to us at [email protected] (please make sure all files are .jpg or .gif).