Scrapbooking Stickers

Scrapbooking Borders

Part 4

By Jennifer Gormly


Placing a border sticker down one side of your page sometimes just doesn't feel like enough to decorate your page. When this happens, try combining your border stickers with each other and with other stickers and embellishments you may have lying around to create a truly unique look.


This layout was created using Red Weave paper for the background, Green Gingham paper, Green Spots paper, off-white cardstock and NRN Christmas Border stickers.


Begin by matting your photo on off-white cardstock. Next, tear a large rectangular piece of the green spots paper and cut a rectangle of green gingham paper (same width as your photo matt but a bit shorter). Glue the green spots paper to your background paper and your gingham paper in the top left corner of it.


Cut the ribbons from your red ribbon sticker borders. To ensure you have enough, cut 3cm off one end of the sticker and then cut a strip about 17.5cm long. Place the leftover pieces aside for later. The ribbons actually have a white background which I chose to cut out. This is a matter of personal opinion and is not necessary to complete your layout.


Place the first red ribbon on top of the green gingham paper, angled down from left to right. Glue the matted photo on top and then the second ribbon goes on top of that. Finish it off with a Christmas tree sticker in the bottom right-hand corner.


To create the border on the left, place the two candy borders next to each other directly on the background paper. Cut three diamonds from cardstock. Decorate these with different sized torn rectangles of green spots and green gingham paper. Then use the left over ribbon pieces to enhance your diamonds before adding the top sticker. For example, the middle tile has two of the end twirls cut out from the sticker border and placed in the corners of the diamond. The gingerbread sticker is placed on top. Also cut two smaller diamonds from green gingham paper. Finally, evenly space the diamonds along the border and attach.


All that's left now is your journal box. Cut a rectangle of off-white cardstock and journal on it. Mat it on green gingham paper and glue it to your layout. Embellish it with one of your remaining stickers and a green dot cut from your ribbon border stickers.



If you would like to have any of your designs included in our resource centre, please email them to us at [email protected] (please make sure all files are .jpg or .gif).