Scrapbooking Stickers

Quick Scrapbooking Ideas

Part 7

By Jennifer Gormly


Just like our children, puppies and kittens get themselves into all sorts of mischief when growing up. Don't forget to include these moments in your albums. The following layout focuses on one puppy who seems to have got himself into a bit of a mess. The key to the success of this layout is the choice of colours and the combination of patterned papers.


This layout was created using Scrap-Ease Terra Cotta Marble paper for the background, Sonnets Peach Wash paper for the torn edges, Magenta Vintage Christmas paper for the photo matt, PSX My Puppy Dog stickers and Beary Patch Tea-Dyed Mini Alphabet stickers.


The first step in creating this layout was to choose my papers. As the puppy is covered in dirt, I decided from the beginning that this layout was to focus on the colour brown. The terra cotta was chosen as the background for its vibrancy. The redness in it helped to enrich the colour of the dirt in the photo and bring attention to it. The peach wash paper was then chosen for around the edges to tone down the brightness a little. Finally, the yellow-brown paper was chosen as the photo matt because it complemented the terra cotta background while providing a contrast to the dirt in the photo.


Once the papers are chosen, this layout is quite simple and quick to create. Begin by tearing the three pieces of peach wash paper. Make sure the torn sides have a white edge. Begin by tearing the piece for the bottom right-hand corner. You want this piece to be about half the width of your background paper and little under half the height. Next, tear a piece for the top right-hand corner. This should be a little shorter in width, but much shorter in height than your first piece. Finally, tear a piece for the left-hand side. Adhere all three pieces to your background.


Next, cut your photo matt from the yellow-brown paper. To help you get the size correct, I made the width of my matt 5mm larger than the height of my photo and the height of my matt, 20mm larger than the width of my photo. The exact measurements are not very important. These are just to serve as a guide.


Once you have your matt, adhere it vertically to your background and place your photo horizontally on top. Exact placement is not important so you decide what looks best.


Finally, use your Beary Patch Tea-Dyed Mini Alphabet stickers to create your title (perhaps your puppy's name) in the top right-hand corner and your PSX My Puppy Dog stickers to decorate the rest of your page.



If you would like to have any of your designs included in our resource centre, please email them to us at [email protected] (please make sure all files are .jpg or .gif).