Scrapbooking Stickers

Simple Scrapbooking With Karen Foster

By Jennifer Gormly


We have already looked at using Karen Foster Designs stickers to create beautiful single page layouts, but they can also be used effectively for a quick double page layout. The following layout shows one way to achieve this.


This layout was created with Butterfly paper, purple cardstock, light purple cardstock, silver letters, purple fibre and Karen Foster Pressed Gaura stickers.


Begin by sticking one border sticker down the left side of one page and the other border sticker down the right side of the other.


Select your main photo and mat it on purple cardstock and then light purple cardstock. Using light purple cardstock, cut mats for the remaining photos, but do not glue down the photos. Cut strips of purple cardstock to decorate your mats. For example, for the second photo on my first page, I cut a horizontal stripe about 2/3 of the height of my photo mat and placed it across the middle. When you have made stripes for each mat, glue them down and stick the photo on top. Arrange your photos on your page and glue them down.


Next, create your journal boxes. The one for the page on the right is quite simple to create. Just cut a rectangle of light purple cardstock, place a flower sticker at the top, journal and glue to your page.


The journal box for the page on the left is a little more complicated. To make this, cut a rectangle from light purple cardstock. Make sure it is the height of your journal box plus the flower sticker. Stick the sticker in the centre of the rectangle, at the top. Measure a point midway along the left vertical edge of the sticker. Cut a horizontal line from it to the left edge of your cardstock. Repeat for the other side. Cut out the outline of the sticker above these cuts and remove the excess cardstock. Complete your journaling and mat on purple cardstock. Glue onto your page.


To create the embellishment next to your main photo, mat two stickers on light purple cardstock. Cut the edges to match the contour of the stickers. Glue them into place. If you like, you can also string them together with two small pieces of fibre.


Finally, stick your silver letters in place and decorate the rest of your layout with the remaining stickers. I recommend placing them in the corners of your photos. Use the square stickers on the photos you want to draw most attention to and the leaf stickers on the others.



If you would like to have any of your designs included in our resource centre, please email them to us at (please make sure all files are .jpg or .gif).